Greenbar Information

Youth leadership is provided by the Patrol Leader's Council.

In Troop 50, we refer to the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) as "Greenbar."  The PLC as defined by Scouts BSA consists of the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL), the Troop guides (TG), and the Patrol Leaders (PL).  In our troop, we have added other troop-level youth leaders to the monthly Greenbar planning meetings.

Each Greenbar member is assigned an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) to guide the youth leader in his role.

ALL Greenbar Members are responsible for documenting their activities and for having a high level of participation at all troop events (at least 50%).  

Patrol Leaders are also responsible for recording patrol attendance at troop and patrol events and documenting their patrol activity. Patrol Leaders submit attendance and patrol reports to the Troop Scribe monthly via email or at Greenbar meetings.

Greenbar Expectations

All scouts are expected to do their best to live by the Scout Oath and Law.  

Older scouts are expected to set an example for younger scouts.  

Greenbar scouts set an example for all scouts. By accepting a Position of Responsibility In the troop, Greenbar scouts have additional expectations placed upon them.   

Below are the expectations for each Position of Responsibility (POR) in our troop.  These are the PORs we are utilizing during the 2023-2024 Scout Year.  Depending on the needs of the troop and qualified Greenbar candidates, we may elect to use fewer or more troop-level Positions of Responsibility. (As of this writing, only the PL document has been updated.)

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