The "Class A" Scout Uniform

The Scout uniform is worn by all members of Scouts BSA and  helps to achieve the aims of Scouting. The uniform by itself cannot make a good Scout or a good troop, but its use has been proven to improve both the Scout and the troop because it is a visible symbol of Scouting and a reminder to all scouts of their commitment to the ideals of scouting.  

In Sacramento, we have a scout shop that keeps uniform items in stock.  At the store, they may have shirts with some of the patches sewn on and for a fee, you can also arrange to have the store sew them all on.  You can also shop online. (See the quick links on the home page)

Each Scout is required to have and wear, within a reasonable amount of time after joining the troop, the following uniform items:

Field or “Class A” Uniform

The merit badge sash is worn for formal occasions, such as courts of honor, boards of review, or meetings with district leaders.  It comes in two lengths, 30 inches and 36 inches. Most buy the 36-inch version so merit badge patches don't have to be moved when the scout grows.

Being in Scouts BSA is something to be proud of so we wear our Class A uniforms to every troop meeting, when traveling to and from scouting events, when completing certain service projects, marching in parades, and while on tour. We wear our Class-B’s (see below) when doing projects or activities that will require us to get dirty such as summer camp and other times when the Senior Patrol Leader notifies us.

Uniforms and insignia are worn a certain way. The troop leaders and staff at the Scout shop will be able to answer any questions you might have on where to place badges and patches. 

The "Class B" Scout Uniform

Activity or “Class B” Uniform (to be worn as instructed by troop leadership when activities may dirty or damage the Class A shirt)

Troop 50 Shirt--This is a custom Troop 50 t-shirt (available for purchase from the troop. The cost is $20)

Scout pants, Scout shorts, hiking Shorts (not basketball-type shorts)

Scout web belt and buckle (optional if wearing Scout pants or shorts)

Scout socks, hiking socks, or athletic socks

Trail shoes, hiking boots, or athletic footwear. 

Swim trunks and water shoes (not flip flops) are appropriate attire for water activities.