Forms for PLs and TGS

Greenbar Resources

In addition to what you will find in the Google Classroom, here are a few extra forms that you will want to refer to, especially if you are a Patrol Leader, a Troop Guide who is mentoring Patrol Leaders, or an Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders who are supervising Patrol Leaders and Troop Guides.

Greenbar and Adult Advisors - Here is the link to the Greenbar and Advisors Google Classroom.

Patrol Box Inventory


Patrol Boxes contain the essential gear you will need to prepare meals at camp.

As a Patrol Leader, you are responsible for keeping the contents clean, dry, and supplied.  The troop will supply what you need, but you need to contact the Troop Quartermaster to arrange for any replenishment or replacement needed.

Check your patrol box before every outing and never leave an outing without cleaning everything before packing up.

When you get home, open the patrol box to allow everything inside to dry and to check to see if you need a resupply.

Duty Rosters For Troop and PAtrol Outings


Duty Rosters help you plan and assign duties to patrol members in a fair and efficient way.  Keep a copy of each duty roster for each outing.  When you make assignments, refer to the previous duty roster so that you don't assign the same tasks to the same person.  Not all duties will be done at every outing.  At the beginning of the scout year, you will need to spend time teaching the new scouts how to perform each task properly.

Using this Meal Planner version keeps everything in one place, duties, and meals.

This can help you keep track of the meals you have prepared and to make sure that you don't forget any ingredients. 

 Vary your menu from outing to outing and learn to cook different meals.



Refer to the guidelines here before planning your Patrol Outing.


Planning your Patrol Outing

Each Patrol Leader will plan and execute at least two patrol outings per year.  These planning documents will help you prepare for your outings. Your Troop Guide and/or your PL Advisor is there to help you too.  Use your resources, and your patrol will have a great time outdoors!

There are minimum guidelines to follow, but you are encouraged to do more than the minimum.   Patrol outings can be car camping, backpacking, bike packing, or trips on the water.  Plan a fun adventure!


Planning Timeline

Here is a guide to help you plan your patrol outing.  

This document is for reference only - The meal budget has been updated and you should contact the Troop Quartermaster, not the Scoutmaster for Patrol Box and Equipment needs.

This document will be updated to reflect these changes soon!


Use this editable spreadsheet to request reimbursement for your patrol outing campsite fee or for when you host Webelo scouts and incur extra food expenses.  You will be asked to make a COPY of the spreadsheet - you need a Google Account to do this.  If you don't have a Google account, use the PDF below (Click on the arrow in the upper right corner below).

Troop 50 Reimbursement Request - Expense Master.pdf