Packing Checklists

The Gear

Exploring and camping in the outdoors requires a certain amount of specialized gear.  Our troop participates in various outdoor adventures lasting from short day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips.  

We usually travel by car, but once at our destination, we have traversed the landscape by foot and by cycling and we have explored the waterways by kayak and canoe.  

We have camped in all types of weather where we have slept under the stars, in tents, in cabins, and in snow shelters.

The personal gear required will vary with the type of camp we attend and the weather we decide to adventure in.

Below are some checklists that you may find helpful.  

Here is a Generic Packing List that covers most of Troop 50's outings.

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Generic Scout Packing List

Snow Camping Checklist with some explanations

Cold Weather Clothing and Equipment  - How should everything fit properly?

Archive Area - (as of 02/22) 

These checklists are from the previous Troop 50 website.  As changes are made to update the lists, the list will be included in the main section of checklists.

Camp Gear Checklist - This has been completely redone.  Saved here for history.

Backpacking Checklist from GEC High Adventure Team - This is a older list that will get updated before our next backpacking trip.