Rank Requirements

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Beginning August 1, 2022, there were minor modifications to the Scouts BSA requirements for the ranks of Scout through Star. Scouts may continue using the existing requirements for the rank on which they are currently working, or they may choose to use the new requirements. Scouts must use the new requirements once they advance to their next rank. On January 1, 2023, all Scouts must use only the new requirements.

Clicking on the badges will show the "old" requirements because the BSA site has not been updated as of 8/9/22

This link shows the side-by-side comparison. https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022-Scouts-BSA-rank-requirements-side-by-side.pdf

To earn the rank of Eagle, you must complete an Eagle Project and Eagle Application. Here are the documents. Your records in Scoutbook will be needed to fill out the application correctly.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

Eagle Application: Updated to July 1, 2022 Requirements.